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Samasati Nature Retreat


In the country land of Costa Rica, Samasati Nature Retreat is an exclusive place you’d definitely love to explore. This is a perfect destination for the people who desire to free themselves from the busy environment and make an ultimate connection of heart and mind with the nature.

Samasati Nature Retreat is a classic Caribbean abode on a sprawling 250 acre space amidst dense rainforest facing the Caribbean Sea. This place provides a first-class extravagance for couples, family, holiday seekers and group of tourists from luxurious stay and fabulous dining to relaxation through yoga and spas along with finest tours amid the tropical forest and bird watching to the happening beach line. This also provides complete private atmosphere that you might be searching for and expedient admission to the most attractions available.

Once you get into this place you have a wide variety of activities including adventure sports to choose from. Shuttle services available round the clock will take you to explore the rich natural grandeur of the Caribbean jungle, and exotic scenery around to the rustling sea noises along the beautiful beaches. The one thing to do when you are here is to go on a trip to the Cacao trail park and the Cahutta National Park. Unless you go here, you can’t realize what you have actually missed on the tour. Other recreational activities like bio-reserve tours, white water rafting, bird watching trips, kayaking sessions, snorkeling, waterfall trekking, and horseback riding are some of the best activities in and around the place. In addition to this, Samasati provides additional packages who like to experience the interesting and extraordinary activities.

There are packages that offer you bird watching tours in the tropical forests and also to meet the local communities of the belonging area like the Cabeur, Bribri and Kekoli and to know their  lifestyle. Couples can avail the honeymoon packages for a distinctive vacation with their beloved in this breathtaking environment.

Woman-practicing-MeditationThe basic onsite facilities include Ayurveda consultation by expert along with yoga sessions for your betterment of mind and body in the yoga center comprising two classy buildings surrounded by lusty green gardens and wild background and furnished with yoga mats, cushions, back bend benches and straps. Spa is also available for body massage and body treatment.

Samasati Nature Retreat presents 9 spacious and homely Caribbean fashioned bungalows that provide everything from a private bathroom with hot water to an open verandah for having a view of the surrounding jungle. Some rooms are provided with roof space which can be turned into a bedroom. Bungalows are made from expensive polished wood that makes it perfect home and exuding a look of its style.

The fascinating Monkey lodge has 5 double rooms. Each room has single beds, two bathrooms with a private veranda provided with hammocks. The expansive Caribbean style bungalows have private bathroom, lounged veranda that provides a scenic beauty of the seas and vast forest around. Experince the realistic Namaste lodge featuring 3 bedrooms, a king/queen size bed, a bathroom and 2 large verandas for capturing the magnificent picturesque of the adjoining vicinity.


Samasati Nature Retreat

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