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Punta Mona


Punta Mona, situated on the southern Caribbean coast o Costa Rica, an 85-acre organic farm. It is a Community and Center for Sustainable Living and for Education. This center is a perfect place for those who want to escape from the daily harsh and busy life. This place is also ideal for those who want to spend some tranquil time close to the nature. During your vacation at this center, you will learn about all aspects o sustainable life with some of the pioneers, speaking from a modern perspective, in this area.


About eight kilometers to the north o this sustainable community, you will find a town of Manzanillo and about ten kilometers south is the small town of Gandoca. Nestled deep in the jungle without any roads leading to it, this center is not far from the coast. To reach this center, people often hike from Manzanillo or they take a boat ride. While travelling towards the center, you will get the opportunity to observe the wildlife and many other attractions.


yogaWhile staying at Punta Mona, you can join different types of Yoga sessions, workshops and teacher training programs offered by the center. While staying at this center, you will start each day with a meditation, yoga workouts and fresh vegetarian breakfast. You will learn about Soul Realignment, Soulfulness and ways to live a more Soul-centered life. You will enjoy practicing your workouts in an isolated setting. During evening time, you will enjoy more yoga and meditation and also other little workouts that will allow you to build both individual and collective love, joy and power. After completing these Yoga sessions, you will feel the inner bliss and peacefulness.


During your vacation in Punta Mona, in the surrounding area of the center, you will get the opportunity to enjoy a variety of fun and adventure activities. At this restaurant you will get opportunity to learn about permaculture and design. People who are interested in Yoga, they can learn Yoga workouts and those who are interested in developing career as yoga instructor, they can take a program to become Yoga instructor. You can also take part in volunteer projects or can can get job opportunities or internships. At this center you will also can take courses on education and can also learn the process of building homes like cabins and tree houses by using natural products as well as renewable materials and resources found right there in the jungle. While staying at Punta Mona, you will have a incredible socializing and learning experience. Whether you want to become a part o any sustainable community or in any subject to learn, you can enjoy everything in this center. At this center you will have an incredible socializing experience. At the time of staying in Punta Mona, you will enjoy self-reflection, growth, and progression through finding your way back to the nature and the inherent.


Punta Mona
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