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Costa Rica – Your Adventure Destination


The next holiday is being planned and you want to try out something you have never done before. Something which will ensure that the adventurous side of you is excited and you experience the thrill and adrenalin rush which you have heard and read about. At the same time you look longingly at the Spa & Massage parlor details on the holiday brochures. Two extremes and you are in a fix as to what you have to choose. Two words will be the answer to your dilemma – Adventure Hotels.

Combining the best of both the worlds, you can try out extreme adventures and receive the same pampering you would expect in a luxury hotel. After a tiring day of playing your choice of sport or activity, you can come back to have a relaxing body massage or a spa treatment.

Fine-dining-in-the-Moon-GloWhether it is deep sea diving, para-sailing, skiing or hiking, hotels are coming up in remote locations which have some activity setting nearby. Costa Rica is a traveler’s paradise. The diversifying geographies in Costa Rica makes it an ideal destination for Adventure Hotels.  A smoking volcano, Hot rivers, warm caves, Forests, Beaches with huge waves fit for surfing, River rafting etc. it has it all. You can choose your travel plans area-wise or customized tours for groups – Family, Eco, Teachers etc. A tourist’s dream come true, the number of activities which you can try in just one country in one trip is unbelievable. A usual trip can include snorkeling in the Caribbean, Boat ride to Tortuguero and even a visit to the nesting grounds of leatherback turtles, if it is the right season. You can visit National parks or go wildlife spotting. There are number of hotels which offer eco-friendly packages as well.

Since tourism is given a lot of importance in Costa Rica, the tourists are given many options to make the trips here the best they ever had. Most of the hotels here are well equipped with all basic necessities.

You will find that most of the hotels have packages with options to choose from activities per day and also the type of group you would like to travel with. Another option many tourists take is to combine medical tourism with the adventure plan. Since the medical treatments happen with breaks in between, you can include small activities in between provided your treatment allows you to do so.

If you do not fancy a ready tour package, you will find options to plan the travel yourself. A self designed tour or a ready package, there are a few pointers you should keep in mind.

  1. Do not give in to the temptation of visit many places in one trip
  2. Cover 2 regions in a week will give you ample time to see the place in a relaxed, unhurried way
  3. Ensure that you go well-researched to the place with back-up options available
  4. The Best time to visit is between December to April
  5. Carry essentials like bug spray, light rain jacket irrespective of the season
  6. If you are unsure, get it done from a travel planner

Adventure hotels of Costa Rica has been created to list over 80 small eco-friendly hotels which are spread all over Costa Rica. These hotels have been screened for quality and you will have a variety of categories in which these hotels have been distributed. These are not chain hotels, but individually operated hotels, which impart unique Costa Rican values. You can contact the hotels directly and even get 10% discount on the bookings.

This is a non-profit association founded in 2005 and most of the hotels are three or four star hotels. Most of the hotels are reasonably priced and are dedicated to preservation of the ecology and sustainability of tourism. You can find a hotel in any place you would want to visit in Costa Rica. One of hotels from this list is the Adventure Inn which is about 10 minutes from the San Jose International Airport. They offer almost all types of adventure activity packages, since they are centrally located and get bookings made on your behalf. They have a long list of tours you can choose from. The hotel provides facilities like Free Airport Shuttle, Free breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, free international phone calls, a solar heated pool and Jacuzzi, a fully equipped gym, mobile phones on rent and conference rooms.

Getting the best of both the worlds is the thing of the future. As said by Adventure Travel Tourism Association – “Adventure is becoming more luxurious and luxury more adventurous”.


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