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Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort


Situated in the foothills of Nosara, Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is 0.5 km from the Nosara Wildlife Sanctuary at Sibu and 4.6 km away from a safari surf school. Opened in 2014, this resort is perfect for the travelers who are seeking a place to enjoy relaxation, peace and rejuvenation and also a memorable Yoga vacation. While staying at this resort, you will get opportunity to enjoy the magic of the country in a healthy way. This resort provides high-end accommodations, delicious food and drinks, Gym facility, Spa services, Yoga and Pilates classes and also a boutique. Within five minute walking distance from the resort you will reach the world class surfing beaches. Nature lovers who want to enjoy tranquility in a natural setting, they will find the Nicoya Blue Zone perfect. In this resort you will not only enjoy secluded Yoga classes and health retreats but also will get ideal setting for making yourself relaxed, rejuvenated and energetic.


AccommodationIn the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort you will find Bali style rooms that feature all the modern facilities. In each of the bungalow you will find air conditioner, WiFi connection, luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets and a canopy bed. Outside of the door you will can enjoy star-lit shower as well as enjoy some relaxed time.There is an outdoor shower where you can enjoy swimming in the salt-water infinity pool. You will also find soothing fountains and waterfalls that will lead you to the bungalows.

Dining Experience:

While staying at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, you will enjoy an excellent buffet of veggies and salads, refreshing and cold soups. You will also have organic fish, chicken and vegan dishes to choose from. The fresh products tat are harvested from nature are used for preparing all the dishes. You can also make yourself refreshed by taking fresh juices and be energetic by drinking the terrific Costa Rica coffee at the juice bar if the resort. This bar also offers healthy snacks, natural smoothies, Chakra Juices and smoothies that includes vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. If you have any special dietary need, you can ask for a personalized service.

Yoga Studio:

YogaThis resort provides a Yoga studio that is made of hardwood floors and overlooks 360 degree views. While practicing your workouts, you will enjoy watching the amazing ocean view. The wonderful natural beauty of the surrounding area will make you experience a heavenly feeling and to improve the interconnection with the nature. In this studio you will get opportunity to enjoy practicing restorative meditation or a challenging Vinyasa style class.


In Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, you can enjoy a variety of unique body treatment and make yourself refreshed and rejuvenated by getting relieved from any kind of stress. For all the treatments organic oils and lotions are used. You can take Lymphatic Drainage that will improve the circulation of your lymph tissues. Deep tissue massage will help you to get relieved from chronic muscle tension and Thai massage will make you feel relaxed, refreshed and energetic. You can also choose from many other body and massage treatments offered by the resort.


Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

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